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Request for Financing for a Company: How Does It Work?

Too many business projects remain in the embryonic stage because of lack of financial resources. Unfamiliarity with financing options and the apparent complexity of the procedures to take with the governments make it difficult for many companies to apply for the financial assistance to which they are eligible.

We Handle It for You

Do you have time to waste on complex administrative procedures? Efika knows the financial potential of your project, the current financing programs, the admissible expenses and the key people. At each stage, we put our expertise and knowledge of the government structure at your service so that you can easily access the financial assistance you are eligible to receive.

  • Analysis of objectives, projects and sectors of activity
  • Diagnosis of financial needs
  • Programs validation
  • Creation of an optimal financing plan
  • Development of documentation and arguments
  • Negotiation
  • Follow-up with authorities
  • Signature of commitment agreements by government authorities
  • Preparation of an accountability report

Range of Interventions


Our fees are generally calculated based on the financial assistance provided by government authorities. In other words, if your application is rejected by government authorities, you have no fees to pay.

Sector with strong economic potential

  • Industrial sector

  • Digital 4.0

  • Forestry and pulp and paper industry

  • Food Industry

  • Mining and metallurgical sector

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