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Find the best financing programs for your business

Groupe Efika helps businesses from Quebec and Canada obtain all kinds of government financial assistance to which they are entitled. With more than 20 years of expertise in financing strategies, our team works for your best interests.

How Does It Work ?

Advantages of a Global Approach

We simplify procedures with different authorities and work to obtain an optimal financial solution for you.


Efika does not sell any products and therefore verifies the eligibility of your project as a whole. Our global approach guarantees you the best possible financing, which is a considerable advantage for your company.


Enjoy a turnkey support. Our team guides you step-by-step to obtain the best financing for your business reality. Efika is a trusted ally for all your growth and development plans.


There is no charge for the opening of your application, the interview and the preliminary analysis. Generally, our clients pay for the results obtained, which eliminates any financial risk in the event that your file is refused. Our fees are determined based on the financial assistance provided only.


Confidentiality of our customers is a priority for us. All the information received to address your request is protected and remains confidential at any given time. Rest assured that Efika protects your interests.
Number of projects that received financial support thanks to Efika
84 M$

Total amount of funding obtained

Who Are We Working With ?

Groupe Efika works with medium, large and very large companies from across Quebec and Canada. Here are some of the main fields with which we regularly collaborate.
  • Industrial sector

  • Digital 4.0

  • Forestry and pulp and paper industry

  • Food industry

  • Mining and metallurgical sector

Explore the Different Programs

Through its departments and the various organizations they serve, governments offer many financial assistance programs that promote the economic development of Quebec and Canada. It is your responsibility to take advantage of it!

Who We Are?

We are the link between your company and the various public funders. Our mission is to advise, guide and support you in the realization of your projects by giving you access to optimal government financial assistance.